Tuesday, June 23, 2009

K750i firmware R1CA021

SonyEricsson-K750i-tiger Today I successfully updated my K750i to R1CA021.
Link to Update Service

- Released by DaVinci Team around 19/05/06.
- Released on SEUS for the K750 on 22/05/06.
- Increased Camera software version. Photo and Video quality, however, do not appear to have changed noticably.
- FIX: The Animated menu items bug for Themes is mostly resolved. After applying a theme with an animated menu, we still need to go to the Settings or Calls menu to start the animation, but it will not disappear again after this.
- JBenchmark 3D LQ: 206
- JBenchmark 3D HQ: 125
- JBenchmark 2: 333
- JBenchmark 1: 3934

Software versions:
Camera 5.3
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B

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[Source: David Helan - Blog]