Monday, March 31, 2008


LG Vu brief specifications:
- 3G
- 2 mega pixel AF camera
- 3 inch WQVGA 262K color touchsreen
- 120MB of built in memory
- HTML web browser
- microSD support (up to 4GB)
- 1000mAh battery
- measures 4.25?H x 2.16?W x 0.51?D
- weighs 3.16oz

The phone will come in two versions: CU920 with mobile TV antenna and CU915 without.


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Friday, March 28, 2008

Handy Smash

Handy Smash
31 Sek. - 25.03.2008

Juri findet die Fotos von Lukas und Mareike und wirft in Wut das Handy an die Wand! Die ganze Geschichte knnt ihr im Blog lesen :)


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Review of GSM/UMTS-smartphone Sony Ericsson G700

Mobile-review posted their review of the Sony Ericsson G700 smartphone. HEre is the final impression.

Despite having only one loudspeaker onboard, the G700s ring tones are pretty loud, actually above the markets average volume level, being in line with the Sony Ericsson P1i, so it is very hard to miss a call with this phone in pocket. The G700 is a living proof that even a sole speaker can sound very well. The vibro alert isnt strong enough, though, and you might not feel it on certain occasions.

The Sony Ericsson G700 is set to hit the shelves this June, retailing for around 300 Euro, which automatically makes it the cheapest touchscreen-enabled smartphone around. It packs in a quite decent camera, fairly good sound with, however, very few settings available in the music player, and, more importantly, the paneled interface that makes moving around the G700 a snap, allowing you to control it single-handedly without having to take the stylus (even when texting with the on-screen keyboard). As for the virtual keyboard, it is bigger now, and while it doesnt seem huge, it turns out to be quite comfortable even when typing with bare hands the misclick count wont go way above that of the iPhone that boasts a substantially larger display. So chalk one up for Sony Ericsson.

On the downside, which is inevitable on any phone, the G700 has no EDGE and for many who cant benefit from 3G data this will be a critical letdown. The lack of WiFi is another feature we would like to have here, but, on the other hand, there is the G900 that gives you that plus a 5 Mpix camera for 50 Euro more, which is a reasonable tradeoff.

Does the G700 have any sort of direct competition offering the same punch for this money? I see none. As far as Windows Mobile based devices are concerned, they come with heftier price tags, plus finger-based navigation is enabled only in specific applications, whereas in the G700 you can take advantage of it throughout all menus and apps of this device. On top of that, its panels are a very compelling option in fact they can well make the phones menu pretty much useless.

However, it is worth comparing it with the Nokia N82, which will be viewed as an alternative to the Sony Ericsson G700/G900 by many? So what are its trump cards? First and foremost, imaging department, for it is a photography-centric solution. But if you take the entire package into consideration, including the ability to input data from the screen, then the G700 seems like the winner. Basically, it has adopted a lot of strengths from Sony Ericssons feature phone, like the flashlight (which many loved so much in the Sony Ericsson K750i), XPict Story feature, conventional applications and utilities, etc. So on balance, the G700 is an amazingly viable marriage between the flexibility of smartphone and straightforwardness of feature phones.

Is there any point for the owners of the Sony Ericsson P1i swap their devices for the G700? As far as I see it, they might want to take a look at the G900, but going for it wont make much sense. The thing is, they would be better off waiting a little more for the companys new flagship that will come in a superior casing (with metal accents), with better camera and sound and richer sales package (desktop cradle, memory card). Among all other things, the P1is hardware thumbboard gives it a certain edge over the G700/G900. They are different positioning-wise, thats it.

Wrapping it all up, I should note that the Sony Ericsson G700 is one of the finest offerings on the market it has no alternatives; furthermore, first counterparts to it going for the same money will only appear in a years time, which is really long while. While it has no bundled GPS, extra accessories will easily make up for this omission. The developers set off to design a straightforward device and apparently, they have succeeded. The G700 is a treat to use. So you should definitely put it on your short-list if you are keen on touch-sensitive displays in any way.


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gresso Steel. Innovative embodiment of the Avantgarde

Gresso is proud to introduce new version of the Avantgarde collection - Steel.

The Collection - is an excellent illustration of the Gresso values: a quest always to push the limits further in pursuit of perfection, as well as the necessity to apply the latest technologies. The exclusive character of Steel collection is emphasized by the use of high-tech material - aircraft steel.

In all other respects, the new collection stays true to the signature style of the Avantgarde collection. The case is made of African Blackwood, which age is more than 200 years. Sapphire crystal glass of 42K frames the screen. The keyboard has special titanic covering, that has been developed and patented by Gresso company.

Avantgarde Steel collection will come in two models: Sol Steel and Luna Steel

Sol Steel

23 function keys are executed of aircraft steel, using ultra-precision tuming technology. This technology ensures a superlative degree of precision of each detail. The front panel is embellished by a triangle inset of steel - one of special aspects of all Gresso mobile phones. The back panel is decorated with Gresso logo executed of steel. The price - 3500 Euro.

Luna Steel

flat keyboard. A triangle inset of aircraft steel on the front panel. The back panel is decorated with Gresso logo executed of steel. Price of this model - 3500 Euro.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

China mobile phone user base up over 565 million in February 2008

There were 565.23 million subscribers of mobile communication services in China as of the end of February 2008, growing by 1.70% on month and by 19.26% on year, according to statistics published by China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) on its Chinese-language web site.

The number of subscribers at the end of February accounted for 41.6% of the country's population.

Also at the end of February 2008 were there 362.19 million subscribers of fixed telecommunication networks in China.

In February 2008, mobile phone subscribers in China sent 61.61 billion short messages, averaging 3.79 short messages per phone number a day.



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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Recreacin del interrogatorio

Recreacin del interrogatorio
36 Sek. - 24.03.2008

Recreacin del interrogatorio que nos hicieron unos policias que se aburran en el parque del Retiro ( Madrid ). (24/03/2008)--------------------------------------Estbamos nosotras sentadas en un banco y en la acera de enfrente estaban parados un grupo de policias vagos al lado de su coche. A los 10 o 15 minutos se acercaron y dice uno:- Hola, hablais espaol?(nosotras al unsono)- S- Tenis algo que os comprometa ante la ley? Tipo hachis?-(nosotras) No-(nosotras) Podis registrarnos si queris-Esa colilla de tabaco es vuestra?-(Nosotras)Es de ella.-(nosotras) Si quereis podeis traer al perro eh.- Bueno, tendr que fiarme de vosotras.


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