Tuesday, June 23, 2009

K750i - BookReader

K750i-book-readerBook Reader is a utility allowing you to read your favourite books right from your mobile phone - during travels or any idle time, anywhere. A user can choose fonts and change orientation of screen depending on device dimensions. Also the tool has autoscroll feature.

How to Create JAD/JAR files
  • Download bookreader.jar to your Mac.
  • Change the extension from ".jar" to ".zip" and unzip it.
  • Add one or several text files (your books) sequentially numbered, like that: textfile.txt, textfile1.txt, textfile2.txt, textfile3.txt ...
  • Archive it and change the extension from ".zip" to ".jar".
  • Upload JAR file into your phone.

    Now you can rename your books in phone.

    Download: bookreader.jar (version: 1.3.6)
    Link: BookReader by Tequilacat

    Compatible with: All J2ME models
    Manual for PC owners

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    [Source: David Helan - Blog]